Are you feeling lethargic?
Wishing you’ve lost that stubborn belly fat?|

Join our 90 Days CrossFit Challenge!

Treat yourself with the best chance to become leaner,  stronger, and fit!  even if you’ve tried and failed before

Crossfit Jerusalem

​Are you able to attend 3 classes per week?

You aren’t afraid of commitment. We want you here for all 90 days to really see the results of your hard work. Are you prepared to commit your time and your finances?

Are you willing to make changes to your nutrition as well as committing to adequate rest and stress relief? 

Are you a team player? There is nothing more motivating than a group of people cheering each other on. And there’s nothing worse than a bad attitude.

Do you really want to see the change? The coaches and I really want to see you succeed, but you need to want it more!

Not looking to lose weight? No problem. This isn’t just a weight-loss program. We encourage all types of transformations.

Are you respectful? You must respect the rules of the gym. The rules were created to protect our culture. The culture was created to give you the best possible experience.

Joshua Pinson

Owner of CrossFit Jerusalem

Josh moved to Jerusalem from Baltimore, MD, USA in 2010 after completing his degree in Kinesiology and meeting his wife, Adva. He discovered CrossFit back in 2006 and started CrossFit Jerusalem in 2011, being the second CrossFit in Israel. He has been coaching for the past 15 years and currently holds the highest certified CrossFit Coach in Israel (Level-3).

Will you be our next success story?

Adam Riggs
Age: 46
Does crossfit: 3.5 x/week
Logging food 90 days
Lost ↓ 7kg | Lost ↓ 3% Body fat



Age: 37
Weight Lost 8KG ↓
Pull ups: 1 → 12 | Rope Climb 0 → legless




Built upper body strength
Record in FRONT SQUAT ↑ 45KG
Lost 2.2% ↓Body Fat



Age: 40
Gained muscle/weight 3KG ↑
Rowing has greatly improved
Squats are getting heavier
feels in the best shape of his life



Age: 59
Weight Lost: ↓ 3KG
Chin ups 0 → 5 |Rope Climb 15 feet ↑
Feeling stronger than EVER!



Miriam S
Stopped putting sugar in coffee
Eats balanced nutrition | Crossfit 3-4x/week
mother of four



Dolly Mazal
Age: 29
weight lost ↓ 4KG
Gained upper body strenght
Feels awsome!




Weight Loss ↓ 4KG
Body Fat Loss ↓ 3%
First Handstand EVER!
25KG ↑ Clean & Jerk!