CrossFit Jerusalem is Jerusalem’s original Box and was founded in 2011 by Josh Pinson. 

Josh is Israel’s first Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3) and has over 17 years experience teaching functional exercise.

He earned his BSc. in Kinesiological Science from the University of Maryland.

He devotes his energy to helping other people, especially folks who just want to get stronger, lose some weight and feel better all around.

His mission is to help people feel good in their bodies, confident, and injury free.

Thousands of people from all walks of life have walked through CrossFit Jerusalem’s doors and had their lives changed for the better.  Every human being is welcomed in our gym, period!

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The Facilities:

CrossFit Jerusalem is located within Israel’s Premier Sports Facility at the Jerusalem International YMCA.
Our customers have unprecedented access to free underground parking changing rooms, sauna, Jacuzzi included in their membereship. All other services the sports center has to offer, including the half-Olympic size swimming pool, basketball courts, classes and gym are available with a symbolic fee. Book a Free No sweat intro and come see the place!