How To Get Back To Fitness When You Are In A Rut: The Number One Rule Revealed!

May 17, 2020

When trying to change, be kind to yourself.

I have never seen anyone truly succeed by beating the shit out of themselves or harping on what is flawed in themselves or their circumstances.

Tiger Woods was (is?) the greatest golfer ever to play the game.

But his drive was fueled by an aggressive and hyper-negative self talk drilled into him by a ruthless father since he was small.

Eventually, everything broke. His body racked by injuries, his family destroyed by his extra-marital affairs, his finances ruined by gambling. It all came apart and he was forced to take a multi-year break that nearly cost him his career.

So what is the number one rule for getting back into fitness when you are in a rut?

Be nice to yourself. The world beats you up enough. At least speak kindly to yourself (you’ll be kinder to others as a result).

Here’s how to do it practically:

If you are a binge type of personality (as I am), start with less exercise than your brain tells you you have to. (Your brain is usually wrong by the way, it’s the heart that gets you to greatness).

Have zero expectations on day one, other than to show up, do some work, and get sweaty.

If you are starting to run, you wouldn’t run a marathon the first day, right?

Want to change your nutrition? Start with a simple habit, like eating breakfast or throwing some fruit into your bag. Extreme diets ALWAYS fail eventually. Good habits which start small and improve gradually will last you for a lifetime, even with the normal ups and downs.

Yesterday I prescribed a workout to a friend that was 3 sets of 10 lunges, 10 knee pushups and 30 seconds of plank. That’s it! (and this is a guy who was a serious athlete back in college) Plus one minute of stretching. I’d be surprised if it took him 10 minutes.

But I can guaran-damn-tee you that he was happy he did it when he was done and he will be back tomorrow for more. So he has started a habit which will not be easy to derail because it is too easy and feels too damn good to stop. 

To recap, smart small and celebrate each win, no matter how small. Over time, your habit will grow exponentially and you will make a huge change!

Now I have some big news for you! In order to make coached exercise more accessible, I have added two special new programs which make it easier for you to get started.

One is 30 minute personal training sessions. In my experience, 30 minutes is enough time for a great workout which covers all the bases such as strength, cardio, and flexibility training.

The second is remote coaching. This means you can exercise in your own home or wherever you are, with customized planning based on your goals and needs. We deliver the program and the accountability. 

If desired, this option can also include in person meetings with a coach at regular intervals, such as once per month or once per week depending on your unique situation. No equipment is required for at home training, although I recommend having a pair of dumbbells (which we can arrange to have delivered to your home).

If you are considering starting an exercise habit at this time, book your free No -Sweat Intro today at https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=13876588

This post is dedicated to someone I know who believes the road to change is being hard on herself even though it is not.

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