Strength Building Dinner Option: Quick Tangy Beef Sauce.

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Strength Building Dinner Option: Quick Tangy Beef Sauce.

If there is one thing that drives me bananas, it is people who dump sugar into everything they cook “so that the kids will eat it”.

Kids like real food, they don’t need to be bribed to eat when they are hungry. In fact, children are very much in tune with which macro and micro nutrients their bodies actually need at any particular moment in time.  It’s all about the habits in your home, and how you present things. If you consistently offer them high quality clean foods, they will happily gobble it up.

While I am on this subject, I will say that Tsur (my four year old) who has a humongous sweet tooth, will PUT AWAY fresh fruits and vegetables like it’s nobody’s business. Speaking of my favorite 4 year old, he has been a declared vegetarian since the age of two, which he is usually strict about, but when presented with the Tangy Beef Sauce in this recipe, he can’t stop himself from multiple bowls.

The Ingredients:

 2 Kilos lean ground beef (for a vegetarian option just sub tofu)

 1 300 gram box no-sugar added tomato paste

 Olive oil or other cooking oil (it’s not a religion, just use the one you like)

 Soy Sauce (optional)

 Red wine vinegar or your favorite delicious sauce

 Salt and spices

Fry the beef in oil on a high heat, turning constantly. This should take 5 minutes or so, don’t overdo it.

When pretty much all of the pink is gone, add your box of tomato paste and a cup or so of water. Do some mixing to get everything cooking together nicely. 

 Air assault that guy with your garlic powder, don’t hold back. Drop in a bit of salt and a touch of black pepper plus a healthy dose of paprika.

Add 2-3 generous tablespoons each of Soy Sauce and Red Wine Vinegar, then a good final stir and you my friend are basically done. Turn it down to a simmer for about half an hour. You do want to peek every 5-10 minutes to see if it needs water and to give it a stir.

 I have made this at times without the Soy sauce and still the kids went buck wild on it. If you don’t have Red Wine Vinegar, simply add anything which will give it that tanginess. You can also use tabasco sauce, lemon juice or even mustard in a pinch, but I really prefer the flavor that the vinegar brings.

 Final thoughts: Always make a double portion (2 kg) and freeze half. That way you get another meal out of it for the same amount of work. For a fast and healthy side dish, toss a bag of frozen string beans into some boiling water. For pre/post workout starch you can throw a sweet potato in the microwave for 5-10 minutes while you cook or do quinoa which is also super easy to prepare.

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Strength Building Dinner Option: Quick Tangy Beef Sauce.

Strength Building Dinner Option: Quick Tangy Beef Sauce. If there is one thing that drives me bananas, it is people who dump sugar into everything they cook “so that the kids will eat it”. Kids like real food, they don’t need to be bribed to eat when they are hungry....

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