Seven Ways To Get More Sleep

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The science is in, you gotta get enough rest if you want good health and fitness.

 Getting the right amount of sleep will put you in a better mood, make you more productive at work, less accident prone, and will improve a wide range of important health biomarkers, such as stress hormones (ie. cortisol) and circulating triglycerides.

 You will also have powerful increases in physical performance when well rested, burn fat more easily, and your hair will turn a golden shade of blond.

 But how much is enough? The golden rule is 8 hours but in fact this varies from person to person. Some rare individuals do fine on as little as 4, and there are normal adults who need closer to twelve!

 The pressure on the modern human to produce is incredible. You are expected to raise a family, put food on the table, do your part for the community, and on top of all that, find time for exercise and spiritual development. Sleep hours are the first thing to be sacrificed in today’s rat race.

 While we can’t add more hours to your day, here are 7 simple things you can do to start sleeping better: Make a commitment as you are reading to implement at least one and give yourself accountability by telling someone about your decision, or by journaling.


  1. Be disciplined about sleep. Set a time for lights out, and turn off all screens at least 30 minutes prior (some say an hour) . There are numerous studies which show that looking at your phone or a device impedes sleep quality and quantity. Try conversating with your partner before bed. There is nothing that will get you yawning quicker, trust me! No seriously, if you are alone, take a hot bath or read a book before lights out, the goal is to relax the mind.
  2. Have small kids who constantly wake you at night? Put them in the room with you, pajama party style. Ignore the pompous “experts” who say that “Children need to learn to be alone” These people are fools. Kids need closeness, not military training. That’s why they are waking up. Don’t worry, by the time they are teenagers they won’t want to be anywhere near you at night.
  3. Mid-day power nap. This doesn’t work for everybody, but if you are one of the lucky ones you can hit the reset button by shutting your eyes for as little as 10 minutes. I lean on these heavily when I am short on sleep, which is pretty much always.
  4. Change up your exercise or sports routine. Needless to say, if you do not engage in physical activity make every effort to add this. Being physically tired from intense exercise combined with the cognitive demands of learning new movement patterns is a sure fire way to improve the depth of your sleep. If you are very tired, you can still exercise but stick to a shout bout of monostructural work at a low/moderate intensity level (ie brisk walking or casually chopping wood)
  5. Delegate. Do you think you are doing a good deed by washing the dishes? Sorry to put it here bluntly but you are wasting your time doing stuff a teenager would happily do for 30 shekels an hour. Is that what your time is worth? I didn’t think so. This also applies to things like going to the shuq to buy food for the Sabbath. Your wife and kids would much prefer you order online and use that extra hour for a nap so that they can sit with a well rested human being that evening. Being tired and irritable doesn’t do anything good for anyone.
  6. Meditate before bed. This is as simple as thinking about nothing while breathing in for a 2 count, hold the air in for 1, then exhale through pursed lips for a count of 4 (as if you’d be breathing out through a straw). Try to do 10 reps. Your mind will inevitably wander off, it’s no problem. Simply continue breathing without pursuing the thought. Allow your muscles to relax as you are doing so. 
  7. Technology. There are apps that can track your average sleep over a monthly span, and watches that can tell you about the quality of your REM cycles. Make a game out of it! Unfortunately, I know nothing about this field so do your own research if this appeals to you.

 There you have it. Whether your problem is a simple lack of time, nighttime visitors, or a battle to actually rest well while in bed, one of these 7 may help you to get more blessed sleep!

 The benefits to your well being will be nothing short of life-changing!

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Seven Ways To Get More Sleep

The science is in, you gotta get enough rest if you want good health and fitness.  Getting the right amount of sleep will put you in a better mood, make you more productive at work, less accident prone, and will improve a wide range of important health biomarkers,...

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