Functional Box Squats

Feb 22, 2019

There is not much which can wear you down more than chronic nerve pain.
Whether it’s sciatica, ankle pain, or neck/shoulder issues, the pain may rise and ebb, but it never seems to go away.
That sucks!
While there is no magic cure, the good news is that it is definitely NOT a life sentence.
In many cases you can be pain free in not much time at all!
The key is to take the affected joint through a PAIN-FREE range of motion at low levels of resistance.
This “convinces” the “angry” nerve that everything is okay and it can stop tensing everything around it (often leading to a feedback loop which causes even more sensitivity to pain).
Once the nerve starts to relax, you can include treatment of the surrounding musculature with a foam roller and/or lacrosse ball and dramatic reductions in pain will ensue.
Here’s an example:
Say you have hip or ankle pain which just bothers the heck out of you day and night.
A great functional exercise is the box squat. What could be more functional than standing up off of a stool or chair? 
The box squat is perfect in that takes multiple joints through a controlled range of motion, while you get to control the depth and/or level of difficulty. Remember, never take it to a place which causes pain and really focus on slow, quality movement.
The last one is a hard pill to swallow for many hard-charging types. We think that it has to be heavy or it has to be fast to get results. Nothing could be further from the truth. The goal here is to get you out of pain so that in the near future you can start training in a progressive manner.
Here we show three variations: One to a relatively high box, one to a medium height box, and a third with some light dumbbells. 
Trust the process and appreciate the journey!
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